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Profit is about performance, and performance is about people


What We Do

LEADING EDGE Consulting Group offers an array of resources that assist an organization in increasing the productivity of its workforce. These strategies ensure that each individual is delivering real value through his or her participation in the enterprise, are critical to future career success, and meaningful to their lives overall. We use sophisticated, solution-oriented, behavioral change technologies to achieve these goals in partnership with our clients. These capabilities reside in two arenas:

Enhancing the Performance of Key Contributors

1. Advisement, Development and Self-Actualization Projects:

♦ Executive coaching
♦ Leadership development
♦ Executive development
♦ Management development
♦ Development of high potentials
♦ Development of technical professionals into consultants, partners, and/or leaders
♦ Development of advanced degree professionals into managers and executives

2. Compatibility...

♦ Pre-promotional assessment and development
♦ Succession planning: Evaluation and development of candidates
♦ In-placement assessment and advisory
♦ Career development assessment and coaching

3. Troubleshooting...

♦ Derailment prevention
♦ Coaching prematurely plateaued contributors
♦ Unwanted exit prevention
♦ Relationship breakdown fix-its
♦ Creative out-placement
♦ Conflict management and mediation
♦ Mental health matters advisory

Organizational Transformation

1. Acquisition of superior talent

♦ Strategic recruiting methods
♦ Hiring by design, not by chemistry
♦ Development of validated tests
♦ Expert testing systems
♦ Design of pre-employment interview protocols

2. Building enhanced performance systems

♦ Retention strategies
♦ Building leadership bench strength
♦ Accelerated team development
♦ Competency modeling
♦ 360 feedback systems
♦ Accelerated new employee assimilation

3. Organizational transformation

♦ Organizational diagnostics
♦ Vision and Mission development
♦ Organizational redesign and change management
♦ Culture transformation


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