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Priscilla (Kris) Wilson Clancy, Ph.D.

Dr. Clancy assists companies in achieving their key business objectives by fully capitalizing on a single line of their balance sheet—their human resource portfolio. She utilizes powerful motivational and performance enhancement methodology to harness and then maximize the untapped potential of a company’s human resource assets.

For nearly twenty years Dr. Clancy has worked with executives, managers, and individual contributors, helping them to refine their performance and enhance the satisfaction they take from their careers and from their personal lives. Dr. Clancy has worked with clients in a broad range of industries, including financial services, health care services, professional services, telecommunications, manufacturing, banking, entertainment, information/computer technology, general merchandisers/retailers, hospitality, insurance, real estate, transportation, utilities, social service, religious, military, and emergency response organizations. She also specializes in consulting with organizations on issues related to workplace violence and associated posttraumatic stress.

When working with an organization, Dr. Clancy focuses on developing key leaders and managers; derailment prevention with valued but under-performing contributors; compatibility studies of individual-to-job fit (hiring, career path development, pre-promotion, and succession planning); and interpersonal development involving key, but threatened relationships. When working with an entire organization, Dr. Clancy focuses on achieving a cultural transformation. These culture shift projects are executed with an array of tools and processes that include organizational audits, change management, employee involvement and empowerment, and an overall integration of human resource strategies with the organization’s objectives.

Dr. Clancy earned bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees in clinical and counseling psychology. She completed additional training in mediation and alternate dispute resolution. She is licensed as a psychologist. Dr. Clancy has served in a number of organizational leadership positions in private for-profit, and private non-profit systems. She has advised executives in these organizations on issues of human resource utilization and development. Dr. Clancy has taught graduate students in the areas of organizational consultation, systems theory, mediation and alternative dispute resolution, psychological assessment, and career development. She presents to international organizations and has served as a resource to media personnel.







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