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Enhance the performance of people to enhance the performance of organizations


LEADING EDGE CONSULTING GROUP focuses its capabilities on a single line of a company's balance sheet - its human resource assets. While only a single line, most executives today agree that their business will rise and fall based on how astutely they develop their human resource portfolio. Profits and growth are about performance and performance is about people - one person at a time and collectively.

We help a company discover, liberate and develop the hidden potential of its top executives, senior managers, professionals and leaders, either individually or as teams. The ability to recognize, develop, refine and direct the potential of these individuals, in ways that leverage individual strengths, optimizes their performance and productivity, thus, enhancing the performance and productivity of peers, teams and the company.

We turn potential into performance!

In the development of these key contributors there is one strategy that is more effective than any other. We believe people can change, and the most substantive and permanent change is realized when people develop from the inside out. Whenever we are working to enhance an "individual human resource portfolio," the surest strategy is to start at the beginning and focus on the inside (that is, self-awareness and self-understanding) before the outside (that is, skill building and on-the-job development). This change strategy has proven to be a more certain way of assisting people through the process of behavior change, self-development and performance enhancement.

We use motivational strategies and performance enhancement technology to assist an organization in supercharging the productivity of its top executives, senior managers, professionals and leaders to ensure that each individual is delivering real value and is deriving full satisfaction from participating in the enterprise.

Our clients are imaginative, proactive and bold in their commitment to maximize their human resource assets.

"The foundation of national wealth is really people - human capital - represented by its knowledge, skills, attitudes, and motivations. The primary assets of a modern corporation leave the workplace each night to go home to dinner."
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